Monday, 26 October 2009

So yeah, jumping on the bandwagon :)

Seeing as how most people on the course are starting to set one of these up for themselves and they artiness, I figured I'd join in and have one of my own. How it differs from DeviantArt, I'm not sure, but it does seem good and quite posh :) So I'll be putting up my arts as I make them during Uni, and any commisions or side projects I end up doing in the mean time ^_^ Hope you like, and please feel free to critique or leave any feedback if you feel like being kind enough or have the time to spare :D I'll also be putting up any work, artists or general other stuff that inspires me along the way, whether I find it on the net or scan it in from all the books I keep buying :P

Hope you enjoy ^_^ (It'll probably take me forever to update this by the way, so sorry in advance lol)

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