Sunday, 8 November 2009


So, I posted that commission I did for one of my customers in the local shop where I work earlier this month, nice guy called Nero - wanted it for his girlfriend. Well he came in and paid me today. He asked me how much I wanted for it, and after a lot of umming and ahhhing (I hate asking for money lol) I said well, basic wage is around £5 an hour, and it took me about 3/4 hours, so say £15? And he goes 'Well there ya go!' and reveals the £50 he was hiding behind his back o.O I was like 'Wuuuuh?! I can't take that much!!!' But he just ran off to his car laughing and said he'd be back with another commission for me....

So yeah, £50 for my first commission :) good times :) even if he does seem a bit crazy :P

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Old But It's My Favourite :)

I drew this for my Dad before he went to Saudi Arabia in April last year. I know it's a bit old for this blog, but I really love it, and it's probably the best thing I've ever done XD done on A2 square watercolour paper with a range of pencils and coloured pencil. Took 3 days lol

Commission for Nero

I was sketching one of my Gackt pictures in work one Sunday and a regular customer came in and saw, and asked me to draw a picture of his girlfriend for her birthday. He gave me the blurriest passport-sized photo in the world lol but this is what I ended up with - 3/4 hours on A3 watercolour paper (hence the canvas texture: that's the paper, not a photoshop add lol) with a 2H and 3B. It's ok, but if I'd had a clearer picture I feel I could have done much better. Next time :D (he's asked me to do an A3 family portrait....oh dear lol)

Gackt :)

Here are two sketches I did of my biggest love - Gackt - :P both done on A4 paper with a 2H and 3B pencil. Took about 3 hours each, minus random scribblings in work XD Pretty pleased with them, but lots to improve on, though I enjoy it so that's ok :D

Frankenstein's Cat

Our second week of Advanced Tech was about learning to successfully replicate an existing background from a children's series called Frankenstein's Cat. We had to produce a day version and a night version, though I did a few variations of the night one. I really enjoyed this project, and really like the result, but it wasn't exactly hard as it was just copying. Still, I learnt so much about photoshop and using my wacom that I thought it was a really good week :)

Background Project

So our first Advanced Tech project was to design and colour a background. This is what I eventually came up with. It was my first time using photoshop to colour and texture like this, so I'm quite happy but know I've a long way to go ^_^