Friday, 11 December 2009


I just realised how little I update this blog -_- it's mainly because I had a separate blog for the last project we did - Minor Project, an animation pitch that lasted about 5 weeks, link here:

That was quite a lot of work, but I really enjoyed it :) we're now working on the Major Project, which for us Art strand guys is actually 3 different briefs. You can see how I'm getting along here at my new blog:

Nothing on there at the moment, as most of it's been research and stuff at the moment, but I'll soon be putting up the few scribbles and initial ideas that've been popping into my head as I go along. If I get time to do anything outside of the Major Project over these three weeks of Christmas 'Holidays' (pfft lol) then I'll put them on this blog :)

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to help me improve my work! ^_^ Thank you!

Sunday, 8 November 2009


So, I posted that commission I did for one of my customers in the local shop where I work earlier this month, nice guy called Nero - wanted it for his girlfriend. Well he came in and paid me today. He asked me how much I wanted for it, and after a lot of umming and ahhhing (I hate asking for money lol) I said well, basic wage is around £5 an hour, and it took me about 3/4 hours, so say £15? And he goes 'Well there ya go!' and reveals the £50 he was hiding behind his back o.O I was like 'Wuuuuh?! I can't take that much!!!' But he just ran off to his car laughing and said he'd be back with another commission for me....

So yeah, £50 for my first commission :) good times :) even if he does seem a bit crazy :P

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Old But It's My Favourite :)

I drew this for my Dad before he went to Saudi Arabia in April last year. I know it's a bit old for this blog, but I really love it, and it's probably the best thing I've ever done XD done on A2 square watercolour paper with a range of pencils and coloured pencil. Took 3 days lol

Commission for Nero

I was sketching one of my Gackt pictures in work one Sunday and a regular customer came in and saw, and asked me to draw a picture of his girlfriend for her birthday. He gave me the blurriest passport-sized photo in the world lol but this is what I ended up with - 3/4 hours on A3 watercolour paper (hence the canvas texture: that's the paper, not a photoshop add lol) with a 2H and 3B. It's ok, but if I'd had a clearer picture I feel I could have done much better. Next time :D (he's asked me to do an A3 family portrait....oh dear lol)

Gackt :)

Here are two sketches I did of my biggest love - Gackt - :P both done on A4 paper with a 2H and 3B pencil. Took about 3 hours each, minus random scribblings in work XD Pretty pleased with them, but lots to improve on, though I enjoy it so that's ok :D

Frankenstein's Cat

Our second week of Advanced Tech was about learning to successfully replicate an existing background from a children's series called Frankenstein's Cat. We had to produce a day version and a night version, though I did a few variations of the night one. I really enjoyed this project, and really like the result, but it wasn't exactly hard as it was just copying. Still, I learnt so much about photoshop and using my wacom that I thought it was a really good week :)

Background Project

So our first Advanced Tech project was to design and colour a background. This is what I eventually came up with. It was my first time using photoshop to colour and texture like this, so I'm quite happy but know I've a long way to go ^_^

Monday, 26 October 2009

So yeah, jumping on the bandwagon :)

Seeing as how most people on the course are starting to set one of these up for themselves and they artiness, I figured I'd join in and have one of my own. How it differs from DeviantArt, I'm not sure, but it does seem good and quite posh :) So I'll be putting up my arts as I make them during Uni, and any commisions or side projects I end up doing in the mean time ^_^ Hope you like, and please feel free to critique or leave any feedback if you feel like being kind enough or have the time to spare :D I'll also be putting up any work, artists or general other stuff that inspires me along the way, whether I find it on the net or scan it in from all the books I keep buying :P

Hope you enjoy ^_^ (It'll probably take me forever to update this by the way, so sorry in advance lol)