Tuesday, 2 March 2010

E4 Monkey

I know it's terrible, but I'm pretty pleased for my first go on Flash. I've no interest in these style of flat, vector characters, but we had to do them for the brief, and I feel it turned out ok. It's just a bit boring lol but I'm glad I have that bit of experience and knowledge of Illustrator and Flash to put into my list of capabilities, though clearly there's still a long way to go XD


  1. Fantastic Blog, Nice Work!!

  2. Thank you very much ^_^ most of my current work is on my Major Project blog as that's keeping me very busy, so if you'd like, please pop over and have a look ^_^

  3. I liked your first attempt at Flash. Cute and simple.
    I just started learning Toonboom. Keep it up.

  4. Thanks a lot Stodoe ^_^ actually, I'm a big ToonBoom lover! I bought Animate for some of my final project, and I really enjoyed using it. Granted, all I did was clean up, line up and colour my friend's animation, as I'm not an animator myself, but I still enjoyed the process ^_^ how do you find it?

    Oh and, sorry for the late reply -_- thanks again ^_^