Friday, 9 July 2010

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things...

Well, currently I'm giggling quite a lot as 'They're Taking The Hobbits To Isenguard' just came up on my iTunes lol it's very odd XD

Anyway, entirely not the point of this entry. After my last post, I've been thinking a lot, and I know that perhaps I'm just suffering from summer blues, so I thought I might as well try do a few things to get myself back into the swing of things, so to speak.

I've had a one or two personal issues recently, so haven't sat down and written any stories or designed any characters lately, but I really wanted to colour something, so I decided to look on DA and see if anything sparked my interest.

Naturally, it did, and I found the wonderful, detailed work of Michelle84

Her work is phenomenal, and I just can't get over how she draws and colours. I really liked her work, so took one of the 'colour-me' line arts she'd posted and have been just enjoying slowly filling it in and not stressing about things :)

So this is the piece I decided to colour - it's called Return To Innocence:

Wow, has blogger changed recently or something? All this is different XD Anyway, so, in this post, and probably a couple after as it's taking me a while to colour this lol, I'll show you each stage of my colouring ^_^ 

First I laid out my initial base colours (only working with character level at the moment):

I wanted a sort of gentle, girly sort of look, as she's so pretty and covered in decoration XD So next I redid all these colours as separate layers and all nice and tidy:
Some of the colours are a little different, but still, mostly all the same just on the separate layers, which means that now I can go in and shade each one individually. I like to do two or three layers of shadow on each section and then go back in on new layers and work in the lights. So, here in progression are the three hair layers (base, shadow 1, shadow 2):

Please full view, I'm rather happy with the hair ^_^ I know this is a simple process for most people, but I'm fairly new to this sort of thing >.< Anyway, I then did the same process on the skin:

Right now,  I'm just about to start the clothes, so I'll pause this entry here, and go back to colouring ^_^


So, after a little more shading, the clothes are getting there too - by clothes, I'm referring to only the pink bits, by the way ^_^ This needed three shadow layers, but it's all very simple, so it didn't take long at all. As you can see, I'm only doing very simple, rough work, nothing fancy, so I apologise for the simplicity -_- but I'm just doing it for a little relaxation ^_^ So yes, here are the clothes:

Well, Mum and Emma have just gone to watch the new Twilight movie in the cinema *shudder* which means I have the house to myself again. I'm thinking a DVD is much needed, maybe two. But what to watch...? My current feelings are wandering between: Labyrinth, Coraline, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, and Casshern.... I do have more DVDs than that lol those are just the ones I'm looking at now.

Anyway, yes, DVDs are going to happen, as is some form of diet-friendly chocolate, and perhaps a continuation of this colouring as I watch ^_^


  1. Excellent draftsmanship, love the colours.

  2. Thanks Kyle, though as I mentioned above, I did not draw this. Only the colouring is mine. If you like the drawing feel free to look up :)